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Gibraltar Britain In The Sun Season 1 Episode 3
de Administrador AESIL - Tuesday, 6 de August de 2013, 13:00

Gibraltar Britain In The Sun Season 1 Episode 3 
This week we follow Gibraltar's ambulance crew on call. With just one hospital on the rock, the team must be available 24 hours a day to attend to any medical emergency. As night falls, things take a sinister turn as the crew get a call-out to a tourist in distress, while an expat is in trouble at the frontier with Spain.

It is also the weekend of the famed annual boat race, but there are no million-pound yachts here. This race is for boats made entirely out of cardboard. The self-proclaimed Jolly Boys, always up for a challenge, put their heads together to create an elaborate design which they hope will speed through the water to victory. Also out enjoying the water, Gibraltar's spearfishing elite demonstrate how this extreme and dangerous sport is done.

Elsewhere, it is a special day for the re-enactment society, when the history boys get kitted out in their finest to fire their big guns at the National Stadium...

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