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Gibraltar Britain In The Sun Season 1 Episode 4
de Administrador AESIL - Tuesday, 6 de August de 2013, 13:01

Gibraltar Britain In The Sun Season 1 Episode 4
There is trouble at the frontier with Spain as Gibraltar's eagle-eyed bobbies get down to business in the on going war against cigarette smugglers. At customs, Chris busts a drugs runner carrying contraband in a very unusual place.

Elsewhere hot shot Eric Shaw is also back with his ketamine gun to snare another monkey, but he gets more then he bargained for when he comes face to face with a monster macaque.

Also this week a group of university students jet into Gibraltar to journey to the centre of the rock, descending 200 metres into the depths of St Michael's Cave. With ice-cold lakes and slippery surfaces, it is a challenging and dangerous expedition for our intrepid explorers.

Finally, Gibraltar's brand new £65million airport terminal is set to be opened. But as the weather turns nasty, duty manager Daniel Acris's day is about to get turbulent.

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