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Gibraltar Britain In The Sun Season 1 Episode 5
de Administrador AESIL - Tuesday, 6 de August de 2013, 13:02

Gibraltar Britain In The Sun Season 1 Episode 5 
Gibraltar boasts more than a few quirky locals and this week we meet a real character -- Gibraltar's only mortician, who deals with more than 200 deaths every year.

On the water, adventure is in store for Gibraltar's marine police. Tension mounts when the night shift are faced with an issue that has been hitting headlines: Spanish fishermen fishing illegally in Gibraltar's waters.

At sea, the Jolly Boys are trialling their latest project, Kite-Cam. Will it work? Below the waves, Jolly Boy Shane and diver Sarah descend 23 metres to explore the wreck of the SS Rosslyn. They have dived to this wreck many times before, but always during the day. As they explore it by night, they discover a totally different world.

Finally, it is time for the Rock to rock as the day of Gibraltar's first ever music festival arrives. Local band The Noise are supporting Jessie J at the event of the year and it will be the biggest gig of their lives. But in a slot three hours before Jessie takes to the stage, will anyone turn up to see them?

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