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UK Downfall FULL FILM of the internal destruction of Great Britain by immigration 1900-2013 RIP
de Administrador AESIL - Monday, 26 de August de 2013, 12:53

A Sad Film Documentary showing Life in the UK and London from 1900`s through to 2013 ,covering living standards ways of life with real rare film footage , Famous landmarks like the Enoch Powell ,Rivers of blood speech, The effects and results of multiracial trials on Great Britain the UK ,its effects and casualties and the resistance efforts by the BNP and EDL to save the once Green and Pleasant Lands from a civil war and total ruination. Full length Film and Documentary" a MUST Watch History of the UK" and why and how the immigration commenced, and a look at if the EDL can save the Country as this contains a in depth interview with the EDL leader , filmed in 2013.