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The British Overseas Territories
de Administrador AESIL - Wednesday, 28 de August de 2013, 14:03

Current British Crown Colonies, 2011.

Subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Governer of British Anguilla - His Excellency William Alistair Harrison

Governer of British Bermuda - His Excellency Sir Richard Gozney

Commissioner British Antarctic Territory - Colin Roberts

Commissioner of British India Ocean Territory - Colin Roberts

Governer of British Virgin Islands - His Excellency William Boyd McCleary

Governer of British Cayman Islands - His Excellency Duncan Taylor

Governer of British Falkland Islands - His Excellency Nigel Haywood

Governer of British Gibraltar - His Excellency Sir Adrian Johns

Governer of British Montserrat - His Excellency Adrian David

Governer of British Pitcairn Islands - Her Excellency Victoria Treadell

Governer of British Saint Helena, Ascension & Tristan da Cunha - His Excellency Mark Andrew Capes

Commissioner of British South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands - His Excellency Nigel Haywood

Administrator of British Akrotiri and Dhekelia - Air Vice Marshal William Stacey

Governer of British Turks and Caicos Islands - His Excellency Ric Todd