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Gibraltar in the 1930's. Film 1839 - AÑORANZA IMPERIALISMO BRITÁNICO
de Administrador AESIL - Sunday, 8 de December de 2013, 14:45

Amateur home movie. People sitting in deckchairs. Garden party at large house (in England?). People sitting at tables and chairs in sunshine. Panoramic sweep right to left of Gibraltar Harbour. Small launch. Streets, man herding five turkeys along pavement with long white stick. Stadium. Harbour. Gibraltar housing down to sea line, sweeps from left to right. The Rock of Gibraltar. Ship with three funnels. Cruise liner. Swimming pool on deck, women jumping in one piece costumes and bathing caps. Seven or eight people splashing about. Play game where hold hands and dance around a woman. Man dives in. Trip ashore to (?) Funchal, Madeira. Group shot with locals in front of sign saying "Leacock & Caine" (?). Couple sit in basket which is used as taxi (?) to rush down pebbled street held by two locals in uniform with boaters (hats). Locals in rowing boats near ship (dark), hold little boy in air. Man falls in. General views Funchal. Party climb slope towards camera. Cattle pulled taxi. Harbour. Banana processing plant, sweep right to left. Westerners present. Pineapples growing. Fountain, swans. Black swan preening itself. Trip to village near top of mountain by car and on foot. People walk down external staircase. Ships in harbour. Deck games, knock opponent off a beam suspended over water with a pillow. Two men fight and keep falling in. Windswept women wearing overcoats. Two women fight. One helps other onto beam and laughs. Warship steams by. Small launch. To Lisbon (?), Portugal. Big clock tower / castle. Three people stand by large pond. Woman rides along road on donkey. Local vendors try to sell wares, they pester tourists. Tourist party walks down steps of church (?). Architecture of windows of courtyard. Harbour (Lisbon ?). Sailing ships without sails up. Three masts.