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UK's ENRON *Carroll Trust Gibraltar Tax Evasion Fraud Case
de Administrador AESIL - Sunday, 25 de May de 2014, 16:41
 Further disclosures which been revealed in American and British media reports on the massive Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust and parallel Carroll Maryland Trust national security cases are understood to have galvanized well seasoned Washington political observers who have recently remarked that this combined case is now regarded in Washington as an important show of strength to the nation at a critical point in the Obama administration's term in office. Sources have revealed that the recent upheaval in the US Congress surrounding the ballooning deficit and the clear lack of transparency at the Federal Reserve is thought to be closely linked to the continuing use of tax havens and revenue evasion which is contributing to the constant drain on the economy and the cohesion of society. The US Treasury department responsible for the nations financial well being is understood to be also taking a close interest in the Carroll Trust affair following recent announcements by close aides to President Obama concerning the new pivotal offshore tax evasion and banking legislation which is thought in Washington to be a critical further lever of strategic control for the US Marshals Service Department of Justice and the FBI in the concrete fight back against white collar organized crime tax fraud and terror funding related activities which have seriously undermined the much sought after economic recovery for America's main street who have suffered greatly at the hands of the financial sector. The Carroll Foundation Trust criminal case is one of the largest ever ongoing fraud heist operations in modern economic history. Sources have revealed that Lord Hurd until quite recently was a director of the Queen's bankers Coutts Bank who were also one of the Carroll Foundation's private bankers. It has emerged that Lord Home the chairman of Coutts Bank who is a close friend of Lord Hurd is the subject of serious criminal allegations of racketeering and obstruction. It is believed that the new explosive Carroll Foundation dossiers retained by the FBI contain a startling litany of forged and falsified Coutts Bank Carroll Trust banking arrangements fraudulent HSBC 8-12 Victoria Street Westminster numbered bank accounts directly linked to the ransacking and complete theft of the entire contents of the trust's multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia penthouse and Westminster residences over a staggering three year period. International News Networks: