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Britain Blood and Steel: Engineering an Empire - What nation is so arrogant as to have colonies in Europe?
de Administrador AESIL - Saturday, 12 de September de 2015, 16:47

In the maps of this documental you can see that the south of spain is included in the british empire in addition to the Strait of Gibraltar .

  "The sun never sets on the British Empire" - for years, these words of pride and optimism were used to describe the largest empire in history: Britain. At its pinnacle, the empire spanned every continent and covered one quarter of the Earth's land mass. Through the centuries, the rulers of this enormous powerhouse used extraordinary engineering feats to become an industrial and military titan, loaded with riches. Some of their many pioneering accomplishments include the world's first locomotive, a superhighway of underground sewers, the imposing and grand Westminster Palace, and the most powerful and technically advanced navy in the age of sail. As scandal, violence and drama consumed British royalty at home, the empire surged ahead with these works of engineering innovation that paved the way for the modern world.