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Why there will be a United Ireland before 2030
de Administrador AESIL - Saturday, 12 de September de 2015, 16:46
 Why there will be a United Ireland before 2030. N.B!** The statistics on Religion are not to be taken literally as core beliefs but as an indicator of what background they come from. For example, a catholic in these stats is considered to come from a Catholic background which usually means they are ethnically Irish and would usually pledge their allegiances to Ireland and Not Britain. I am not saying that all these Catholics or Protestants are church goers. Religion should have nothing to do with Politics. I am a Protestant but I am also a Republican.** One of the main reasons is Population - People from Catholic backgrounds are nearly all ethnically Irish and are set to have a majority by 2021. The 2011 Census showed a falling Protestant population with a higher mortality rate and an ageing population. It is suggested that the Catholic population will continue to rise and that Catholics will have a majority for the first time ever in Northern Ireland by the next census. Of course it is raw and possibly very inaccurate to portray all Catholics as Nationalists and all Protestants as Unionists but polls suggest that the majority of Catholics vote for Nationalist parties and the majority of Protestants, Unionist. Polls suggest the amount of Catholics who vote for Unionist parties is extremely low, even among Catholics who would not vote for a United Ireland. The two biggest cities in the North have Catholic majorities (Belfast and Derry). Most Catholics vote for nationalist politicians who will have more influence over a border poll and could push for Irish reunification, namely Sinn Fein and the SDLP. Catholic schools produce better grades than Protestant schools -- this may seem a controversial statement but the facts don't lie; Catholic schools do better than protestant schools on the education front. Statistics show that Catholics from poverty backgrounds are twice as likely to get a University education that their Protestant neighbours of a similar background. Long gone are the days when you did not need education to get jobs in the shipyards and that education did not matter. Now we have equality where people are given jobs based on education and skill. The facts now show that Catholics are more educated. This suggests that Catholics will be in more prestigious jobs than their protestant neighbours and thus have a greater influence in economic and political life.